Brand Assets


The Sors logotype is the central focus of our brand. It is the universal signature for all brand, marketing and communication purposes of the Sors brand. Our logotype is a combination of our brand mark and word mark. The combination of our logo represents the Sors brand to everyone involved with our company. This is why we request for this logo to not be edited, distorted, recoloured or reshaped by any degree. The logo versions should be used effectively based on the primary background colour keeping in mind that the idea is to ensure the Sors logo does not lose its visibility or clarity.

Brand Mark

The Sors brand mark is the shorter version of our logotype. It is an effective representation of the company vision – it conveys our association with blockchain and technology, while also visually representing the letter S which happens to be the initial letter of our company name.

Subsidiary Brand Logos

To effectively meet the demands of our customers and clients, we have expanded our product offering under a subsidiary brand name called ‘Sorted’.

Another subsidiary brand under Sors is Hodl A Drink