Redefining Investment Banking in a Decentralised Financial Era

Sors is a global technology and financial services company building solutions for the blockchain, Web3 and institutional finance ecosystems.

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Portfolio Managment

As staking and other complex strategies become more popular and mainstream – but challenging to execute – Sors offer comprehensive solutions for individuals or institutions to efficiently manage their crypto assets.

OTC Services

Sors Digital Assets is a Virtual Assets Service Provider (VASP) licensed in Ireland which is fully regulated and competent to provide over the counter (OTC) trading services.

Virtual Assets Services Provider

Sors is operating as a Virtual Assets Services Provider (see footer below for full disclosure)

Sorted Dealroom

Sorted Dealroom is a fully compliant platform allowing users access to virtual assets.

Venture Studio

We incubate promising blockchain projects with innovative ideas right from ideation to token launch and beyond.


We offer end-to-end blockchain solutions to help you scale existing blockchain projects.

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